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Software Estimation — A good simple way courtesy of the Navy and the cold war

In my last post I told you that your next project will take longer than you think. Now I’ve destroyed hope I’m going to show you how you can use this knowledge to be better at software estimation. We’re going to use a simple but very effective technique first developed by the Navy back in […]

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Your project will take longer than you think and less than a Nukem

I will tell you how long your next project will take to release. You won’t like it, but I’ll tell you. A game is launching this week and in the story of its development is the key to successful software estimation. The game is Duke Nukem Forever, and just like the title, it did pretty […]

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Making Quality Software: how to test non-functional requirements

In my last post, I outlined what I think are the twelve key constraints you need to think about if you are going to build high quality software that people want to use. As I mentioned, thinking through this needn’t be a mind sapping endeavour, and for some things you may just decide it’s not […]

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Making Quality Software: 12 non functional requirements every app should have.

When people talk about really great quality software, they usually think in terms of it’s utility, simplicity or aesthetics. But there’s more to it than that. A really great piece of software will bleed quality through and through like a piece of Brighton Rock (or Bognor Regis). What separates high quality software from mediocrity? It’s […]

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