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Continuous Integration with Flex – a better log parser

About a year ago, I posted a six part series explaining how to set up a continuous integration process for your Flex projects. Since then I have been refining the process when I have had a spare moment. One of the hassles I found when trying to setup continuous integration on a new machine was […]

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CruiseControl on the Mac – modifying the build script to work x-platform

So, I thought I was doing pretty well, getting svn working on the mac, installing cruisecontrol for my continuous integration, even getting SCPlugin working with unsigned certificates. Then I tried to run my ant build, and ended up having all sorts of problems getting my mac debug player to run. Some investigating and help from […]

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Restarting cruisecontrol on Mac OSX

OK, so for those of you who know Unix better than me (which is probably most of you) this post will be like teaching your granny to suck eggs, but for the rest of us, it took me some working out how to stop and start the cruisecontrol server instance on the mac…

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CruiseControl on Mac OSX

So, I’ve got this shiny new mac provided by my new employers, and so I figured I’d put it to use as a CruiseControl build manager. I found the process reasonably simple but, just like the process of setting up Subversion and SCPlugin, there are a couple of extra steps I figured I’d share…

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Subversion and Finder integration for the Mac

I just had to sort out getting subversion up and running on a mac. It’s not quite as simple a process as on a PC; there are a couple of extra steps I thought I’d share…

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