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Code Coverage with Flex – a headless agent for CI builds

In my last blog post I gave details of how I user the modified code coverage viewer for flex in an automated build to follow the trend of code coverage over time. The trouble with this approach was that there was a problem either with the localConnection in flex or the code that uses it […]

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Code Coverage with Flex – ANT build for running the viewer

In my last post, I gave you my elegant extension hack for generating EMMA style code coverage reports from FlexCover. This post covers the first route I took to incorporating this in my build process. It does work, but it’s not very consistent in its reporting and I’ll explain why at the end…

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Code Coverage with Flex – creating EMMA formatted reports

Details on my hack for creating EMMA formatted code coverage reports using FlexUnit

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FlexUnit eclipse plugin alpha

I’ve been kind of quiet recently for three reasons: Its summer Work has been insanely busy I’ve been beavering away on a new plugin for eclipse The plugin is designed with one key goal in mind: shortening the develop-test feedback loop. It integrates eclipse and the flexunit framework to make our lives as developers easier. […]

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Continuous Integration with Flex – a better log parser

About a year ago, I posted a six part series explaining how to set up a continuous integration process for your Flex projects. Since then I have been refining the process when I have had a spare moment. One of the hassles I found when trying to setup continuous integration on a new machine was […]

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CruiseControl on the Mac – modifying the build script to work x-platform

So, I thought I was doing pretty well, getting svn working on the mac, installing cruisecontrol for my continuous integration, even getting SCPlugin working with unsigned certificates. Then I tried to run my ant build, and ended up having all sorts of problems getting my mac debug player to run. Some investigating and help from […]

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LinkBar tied to component states

I just did a quick extension of the Flex LinkBar so you can tie it to the states of a component. I haven’t tested it throughly yet, so if you find anything weird in there, let me know… usage:

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How I built those firefox plugins to google search a site

Ok, so Mathias just asked how I managed to get the firefox search plugins to just search one site. I started to write a comment explaining it, but got a little long, so here’s Paul’s quick n dirty ghetto way of getting a firefox plugin to search just one site…

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Finding Flex Facts Faster

so today, firefox decided to die a death on me. I choked it doing some Flex debugging and as a result I lost the functionality in my search bar. This got me thinking about what would really be useful for me is a way to search the places I usually go for flex info – […]

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FlexUnit / ASUnit deathmatch results

As I mentioned a few posts ago, I am looking into how asunit and flexunit can fit into our continuous integration set up. The move into AS3 has given me an opportunity to reassess how the 2 frameworks fit my/our needs. The prior post set out the criteria I was testing against – here is […]

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