CruiseControl on Mac OSX

So, I’ve got this shiny new mac provided by my new employers, and so I figured I’d put it to use as a CruiseControl build manager. I found the process reasonably simple but, just like the process of setting up Subversion and SCPlugin, there are a couple of extra steps I figured I’d share…

First step, download the latest source from the downloads page here. Simply expand that to where you want your build instance to live. Next open up a terminal window, and type the following:
More than likely, you will get the following error message:
-bash: command not found
More hunting on the mighty intergoogle and a quick look at ‘bash guide for beginners’ told me the answer – I need to tell bash which shell to use to execute the script. I found either of the following lines worked:

bash -x

I’m not a Unix geek, so I don’t pretend to know what the difference is, or which is preferable – if anyone can tell me I’d love to know..


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