Unit test frameworks for AS3 and Continuous Integration

Im currently evaluating FlexUnit and ASUnit as we move over to AS3 and seeing how they will fit in with our continuous integration suite. As you may have read in my previous posts on CI, we ended up significantly reworking ASUnit to get it to integrate with our needs for CI. What we are really looking for now is a framework we do not have to monkey around with too much to acheive our needs. The unit test framework we use needs to fulfil the following:

  • Simple syncronous tests
  • asynchronous tests
  • asynchronous setup (e.g. if you ned to load in some data before performing the tests)
  • printing the test result out to a log file so that Cruise Control can interpret the results
  • broadcast some sort of event when the test suite is complete so we can close the test harness and continue with the build
  • works equally well outside of the flex framework

I’ll be looking at both FlexUnit and ASUnit to see which one will work for our needs best. Ideally I would like to offer up solutions to using both so that you can fit CI into any testing framework you are currently using. I’ll post my findings as I find them, so stay posted…

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